Friday, September 11, 2009

Queen Elizabeth I

In Elizabeth's speech "A Speech to Joint Delegation of Lords and Commons, November 5, 1566," Queen Elizabeth I addresses her critics on the issues of her not being married and not having a heir to the throne. She says to them "I will marry as soon as I can conveniently. if God take him away with who I mind to marry, or myself, or else some other great let happen." She wanted to make it known if she were to marry and have children, they wouldn't take the place of England in her heart. "The other great" which Elizabeth mentioned, was in fact Elizabeth's admirable ruling over England all on her own. Elizabeth is a historical role model for present day women, showing us that you don't have to be married or have a man at your side to be successful monarch or leader.

Elizabeth argues her critic's "second point was the limitation of the succession of the crown, wherein was nothing said for my safety, but only for themselves." If the critics wanted a direct heir, it was because they admired Elizabeth as a ruler and wanted her to teach her children how to run the kingdom just like her. Just because there wasn't a direct heir, doesn't mean there was any heirs. Elizabeth knew she would be replaced by one of her many half-sibling's children.

Queen Elizabeth I is one of the greatest queens England has ever had, because she sacrificed her own life to make good decisions for her kingdom, because she loved England, and she is the type of ruler any kingdom needs. Having seen the Elizabeth films that came out in the last few years or so, it's hard not to picture Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I, when reading her speeches and letters.

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