Monday, August 17, 2015

San Diego

I decorated my trees in purple flowers for August.

Dad and I went and saw the movie, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Mom had a Birthday on Friday.  I got her some clothes and a red blanket and gave her a pedicure.  We went to Olive Garden to celebrate.

On Sunday, we drove to Vegas.  It took us 12 hours to get there, because of fatal accident near Mesquite. When we got to the crash site, both the semi and the car were burned pretty bad. We stayed at the Orleans hotel.  We got upgraded to a suite for free which was pretty nice.  We ate in the food court for dinner.

On Monday, we drove to San Diego.  We stopped at the Barstow station for lunch and I got shocked by the hand dryer.  We stayed at La Quinta by Hotel Circle.  We ate dinner at El Torito and had go to Walmart to buy Mom some new shoes, cause her shoe broke.

On Tuesday,  We went the Westfield in Mission Valley Mall.  We ate lunch at Corner Bakery Cafe and then went to Old Navy, Marshall's, and Trader Joe's.  We ate dinner at Phil's BBQ.  We went and walked around Pacific Beach, where we watched the Sunset.

On Wednesday, we went to Fashion Valley Mall and ate lunch at the Boudin Bakery.  We went to the Gaslamp Quarter and ate dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  We went and walked around the Seaport Village and saw a couple get engaged.

On Thursday, we checked out of our room after Dad was done with his conference.  We drove to Seal Beach.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn.   We ate lunch at Panera Bread.  We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at Bella Terra.  We gave Neve her bath toy animals we got up in Yellowstone.

On Friday,  We went to Long Beach shopping center.  We went to main street Seal Beach and walked on the pier.  The Carnival Inspiration was docked next to the Queen Mary.    We babysat Neve and took her to Downtown Disney and got her Marie the cat from the movie, Aristocats.  We got to see some hula dancers from the Aulani Resort.  We ate dinner at Ruby's Diner.

On Saturday, we went to the Shoreline Village.  The Carnival Miracle was docked next to the Queen Mary.  We ate lunch at the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach. We babysat Neve while her parents attended a wedding.  I gave Neve the animal book I have been working on, with stories,songs, poems, and pictures of animals.  She knows how to open doors, while pulling down the handle.

On Sunday, we drove to Vegas.  We stayed at The Excalibur.  We ate dinner in the Food Court.

On Monday, we drove home.  We picked up the cats from their boarding shelter.

Monday, August 3, 2015


On Monday, we drove to Baker City, Oregon. We stayed at the Mountain View RV Park, which has cute Wild West buildings as their offices.  We ate at Big Chief’s BBQ for dinner and I got tri-tip and pulled pork.  We then drove around downtown.  

On Tuesday, we drove to Cannon Beach, Oregon.  We stopped in Boggs for lunch.  We got to go through Portland and two tunnels.  We stayed at the Cannon Beach RV Resort.  We ate at Mo’s for dinner and I got fried shrimp and clam chowder.  Mo’s is close to the haystack and needle rocks.  The Mo’s parking lot had tons of rabbits scampering off into the bushes at the hotel next door.  We drove past the three Bigfoot statues in town.

On Wednesday, we went through the shops at Cannon Beach and got some caramel corn at Bruce’s Candy Kitchen.  I bought some books.  We ate dinner at Mo’s and I got a grilled shrimp cheese melt and clam chowder.  We watched the movie, The Goonies, because it takes place in Cannon Beach and Astoria.

On Thursday, we drove up to Astoria, Oregon.  We went up to the Astoria Column.  The column was being renovated, so we couldn’t climb the 164 stairs to the top.  I bought some Oregon pins in their gift shop.  We went to the Goonies Jail and Film Museum and I bought the treasure map coin from the film and got to go into the jail cell from the movie and get booked.  We walked around the riverfront and could hear seals, but couldn’t see them.  We walked around the steamboat and Columbia Ship.  We went into a Vintage Hardware and Antique store.  We ate lunch at KFC right under one of the bridges.  We stopped in Warrenton and drove on to the beach at Sunset Beach, where they allow people to park.  We drove around Seaside and went to the Outlet mall.  I bought some books.  We had Tillamook Huckleberry ice cream for dessert.  

On Friday, we went to Tolanova Park to see if my coin lined up with the Haystack rocks like in the Goonies film and it did.  We stopped in Manzanita at the History Highway Rockwork to see the view down the coast.  We drove down to Tillamook and went to the cheese factory and bought some Swiss and pepper jack cheese.  It was our second time at the factory.  We went to McDonald’s for lunch.  We stopped at Silver Point lookout.  We drove up to Seaside and went to the Carousel mall and walked around the shops by the Beach.  One of the shops had a mechanical shark people could ride.  We went to Ecola State Park and walked around Ecola Point and got a closer look at the far off Tillamook Lighthouse, which is nicknamed Terrible Tilly.  We saw some Elk on the road.  We went to Mo’s for dinner and watched the sunset. I got shrimp alfredo, clam chowder, and Marionberry cobbler for dessert.  

On Saturday, we drove to Portland and stayed at the Jantzen Beach RV Park on Hayden Island.  We saw the Paul Bunyan sign in Gearhart.  We got to go through three tunnels. We drove around southwest Portland and saw the long line at Voodoo Doughnuts, Powell’s Book Store, and people playing in the Keller Park concrete Waterfalls.  We ate dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and took a walk by the Columbia River next to the restaurant.  We went to the Jantzen Beach shopping center and went to Old Navy and Target.  

On Sunday, we drove back to Baker City.  We saw three squirrels.  

Today, we drove home.