Thursday, May 21, 2015

Seal Beach

On Thursday the 14th, we drove to Vegas.  We ate lunch at Dairy Queen.  It was windy and rainy all through the drive.  We stayed at Circus Circus,  From our room, we could see the fairgrounds for Rock in Rio.  We went to Metro Pizza for dinner and then walked around the Town Square Mall.

On Friday, we drove to Seal Beach.  We stoped in Baker and went to Yogurtland.  We stopped at the Barstow station for lunch and I got my first ever cronut at Dunkin Donuts.  We stayed at the Ayers hotel.  We went to El Torito for dinner.

Saturday was Ryan's birthday.  I got him a gift card to Chili's.  We went to Fashion Island and I got Blood Orange Lemonade from a restaurant called Lemonade.  We went to Irvine Park in Orange and rode the train.  We watched while Neve went down the slides.   We went to Mama D's in Newport for dinner and the waiters sang Happy Birthday to Ryan.  We had cupcakes from Susie Cakes for dessert.

On Sunday, we drove around Long Beach and could see the Carnival Imagination docked  by the Queen Mary.  There was a Long Beach Pride parade and festival going on, so the Shoreline Village had no parking.  We went to Ryan and Sara's for dinner.

On Monday, we went to Downtown Disney.  They had it all decorated with their diamond birthday banners and new signs.  Live with Kelly and Michael was filming at Disneyland.  I bought pins and a Cinderella shoe necklace.  Mom bought Neve a little toy cell phone and she loved it.  We got beignets and mint juleps from the Jazz Kitchen.  We went to main street on Seal Beach and walked on the pier.  We could see the Carnival Inspiration docked in Long Beach.  We babysat Neve while Sara had a meeting.  Neve kept wanting to walk on the beach and have me hold both her hands while she walked up the hill.  We went to Fish Camp for dinner and I got clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.

On Tuesday, Dad got locked in the ice room at the hotel and had to call us to let him out. We drove to Vegas, after stopping at the outlet mall in Barstow.   We stayed at the Excalibur.  We ate dinner in the hotel food court.

On Wednesday, we drove home and picked up the cats from the boarding shelter.