Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mission Viejo

Dad and I went and saw the movies, Ghostbusters, Independence Day: Resurgence, and The Shallows.

I found this garland at Target and put it on our railing:

I found this banner at Target and put it over our fireplace:

For Fourth of July, I made Crab Salad and Peanut Butter Cookies.  Dad went and got Maddox chicken for dinner.

Dad and Mom celebrated their 36th anniversary.  They went to Red Lobster to celebrate.

I built some wooden handcarts and made a blueberry pie for Pioneer Day.

On Monday, we flew to Los Angeles.  We stayed at the Ayres hotel in Mission Viejo.   We got to hold my nephew Coen for the first time.   We ate dinner at El Torito.

On Tuesday, we babysat Neve.  We took her to Downtown Disney.  She loved playing with the legos.  Mom bought her a Frozen shirt and bought Coen a Mickey shirt.  We ate beignets and mint juleps as a snack at the Jazz Kitchen.  We went to Taco Bell for lunch.  We had dinner at Tender Greens at the Irvine Spectrum Center.  I had the Chipotle Barbecue Chicken Salad.  Neve loves the park there.  She kept wanting to go up and down the slide.    

On Wednesday, we babysat Neve.  We took her to Old Navy and let her pick out some clothes.  We took her to Wendy's for lunch and she got three plastic cones as a toy.   We had pizza for dinner.  Neve, Mom, and I watched The Good Dinosaur.  

On Thursday,  we babysat Neve and Coen.  Then we went to L.A.X.  We had to swap planes because one of the engines wasn't working, so it took us 4 hours to get home.  

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Island Park

On Monday, we drove up to Island Park, Idaho.  We stayed at the Valley View RV Park.  We ate dinner at The Gusher. We went and saw the musical, Singin' in the Rain at the Playmill theatre.

On Tuesday, we drove to West Yellowstone and walked through all the shops.  We enjoyed the sunset over Henry's Lake.

On Wednesday, we drove the lower loop of Yellowstone, stopping at Canyon Village, Yellowstone Lake, and Fishing Bridge.  We had lunch at the general store in Fishing Bridge.  We saw bison and elk.  We cooked dinner for my uncle Don and aunt Viv in our trailer.

On Thursday,  Dad went fishing with the guys.  We went and saw the musical spoof of the movie, Three Amigos at the Mack's Inn theatre.  For dinner, we had prime rib, baked potato, beans, corn, roll, salad, and a ice cream sandwich.

On Friday,  we drove to the Canyons in Yellowstone.  We saw elk, bison, and a coyote.  We stopped at Canyon Village and went through the museum and saw a nature film about Yellowstone.   We drove on the windy road to the Virginia Cascades. We stopped at Artist's Point and heard the ranger talk.  We ate lunch in the cafeteria at Canyon Village.  We stopped at Norris and walked through the museum and down to the geysers.  There were several hats that had blown off into the geysers.  We stopped in West Yellowstone and got ice cream at Two Scoops.  We ate dinner and played games at Don's cabin.

On Saturday, we drove home.  We watched the fireworks for Syracuse Heritage Days.