Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Westminster, California

On Wednesday, Mom and I flew into Long Beach Airport.  We sat next to this lady with a chihauhau on her lap and the dog didn't even bark once.  We ate lunch at El Torito in Long Beach.  We stayed at the Best Western Palm Garden Inn in Westminster.  We went over to Ryan and Sara's house.  We got to meet my niece, Neve for the first time.  She is 5 weeks old.  We ate dinner at Roman Cucina.  Neve let Mom hold her for about 3 hours, while she slept.  We had the worst time trying to get back to the hotel, with freeway closures.  We went to the grocery store before getting back to hotel at 1 am.  

We brought Neve a stuffed white rabbit, toys, and clothes for Easter.  I got her a white onesie with a coral skirt and a grey jacket.  Mom got her a white, blue, and green dress, with blue jeans and some toys.

On Thursday,We went to Bella Terra. We got some clothes from Kohl's and some books from Barnes and Noble.  We went to 5 Points Plaza.  We went  into Old Navy, Charming Charlie and Trader Joe's.  We ate lunch at Panera Bread.  We went to Ryan and Sara's house and ate dinner at Sancho's Tacos in Huntington.

On Friday, they had Keith's funeral.  Since Mom and I were out of town, Dad had to go and offer our condolences.  Mom and I went to Grower's Direct to get some fruit and veggies.  We went to Downtown Disney, ate lunch at the Rainforest cafe, and walked around the Disneyland Hotel courtyard.  We got some peanut butter fudge from Marcelline's bakery and some beignets from the Jazz Kitchen Express.  

Mom and I went to Dollar Tree to get some Balloons.  We all wrote messages on the them and let them float away on Sunset Beach for Uncle Keith.  

On Saturday,  I finished reading the book, Starters by Lissa Price.  We went to Target and got a book for Neve and some dvds for Ryan and Sara.  We ate lunch at the Crab Cooker.  We went to the Carter's store at Bella Terra and Mom bought some clothes and shoes for Neve.  We went to Rita's Italian ice and I got some cherry ice with orange cream custard.  
We got a pizza at Sunset Pizza and Pasta and we watched the movie, Willow with Ryan and Sara.

On Sunday.  Mom and I walked down Main street at Seal Beach and walked on the pier.  We went to the shops at Rossmoor and ate lunch at Panera Bread.  We could see a Carnival ship docked in Long Beach and sail away to Catalina from Ryan and Sara's house.  Sara made us a wonderful dinner and cookies for dessert.  We watched the movie, The Addams Family.


On Monday, We checked out of our hotel and went to Walmart.  We went to the Lakewood mall before heading to the airport.  We ate lunch at the Long Beach Burger Bar at the airport.    Dad picked us up from the airport and we went to El Matador for dinner.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Uncle Keith

My Uncle Keith passed away on Monday.   He is my mom's second oldest brother. He died of Pneumonia, which turned into ARDS.  He was 70 years old.  

Keith Marshall Wayment passed away Monday, March 31, 2014, at the age of 70, at S. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls, Idaho.
He was born Jan. 27, 1944, in Ogden, Utah, to Blaine Wade and Helen Cleone Marshall Wayment. His parents moved from Ogden to Pleasant View, Utah, when Keith was 12. He spent his youth with bow and arrows combing the foothills of Ben Lomond and spent his summers in the orchards pruning and picking fruit. After age 16, he worked summers installing fire alarm systems with Cherie’s dad and brothers.
Keith and Cherie were sweethearts through high school. Keith married Cherie Barker on Dec. 20, 1963, in the Salt Lake Temple. On Dec. 20, 2013, Keith and Cherie and family celebrated their 50th anniversary. The favorite memory of both is Weber High Acapella Choir. Keith spent three years in the Army in Germany. Cherie joined Keith in Germany in March of 1964. He was in the medical core during Vietnam. Most of his unit was killed.
He went to Weber State, graduating with high honors, then attended the University of Utah Medical School. The rest of his life was spent taking care of patients, which he truly enjoyed. Keith was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served in many callings. He especially loved teaching the gospel.
When Keith was not busy treating patients, his hands were never idle. He enjoyed working with leather, tying flies, reloading bullets, archery, hunting, camping with family, tying quilts and cross stitch.
Keith is the proud father of eight great kids, Shelley (Brent) Searle of Shelley, Idaho, Shawn (Karen) Wayment of Castle Rock, Colo., Scott (Heather) Wayment of Gilbert, Ariz., Andrew (Kristen) Wayment of Idaho Falls, Idaho, Mary Ann (Scott) Turlington of Boise, Idaho, Robert (Courtney) Wayment of Rupert, Idaho, Jacob (Brooklyn) Wayment of Twin Falls, Idaho, and Jodi (Eric) Bailey of Twin Falls, Idaho. He is also survived by 43 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; brothers, Raymond Wayment of McCammon, Idaho, and Don Wayment of Burley, Idaho; and sisters, Elaine Smith of Gilbert, Ariz., and Ruth Ann Sandberg of Ogden, Utah. He was preceded in death by his parents; sister, Sharol Davidson; and granddaughter, Lindy Wayment.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Mom and Dad bought a new trailer and traded in the old one.  We had to move all the stuff out of the old one and put into bins.   I had to line the shelves in the new one and we had to put everything back in the new one.











Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm an Aunt!

I became an aunt on Tuesday!  My brother and his wife had their baby girl.  They named the baby, Neve Elin.  She is so adorable!  Mom and I got to Facetime with her from the hospital.   I can't wait to hold her.  They got to take Neve home from the hospital on Wednesday.

Today would have been my Grandma Norma's 89th Birthday.

Monday, February 24, 2014

RV Show

We went to the RV Show at the South Towne Expo Center.  We were there for 2 hours.  We went in several trailers, trying to find one we liked.  We found a lot of features we liked, but they weren't in the same trailer.

Monday was President's Day.

My cousin's wife, Kelsey, had a baby shower.  She is expecting a girl.  We got them 5 outfits.  One with whales, monkeys, and polka dots.

I bought one of those Perfect Bun Kits.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

Mom has been very sick.  She had another tremor.  She also had to go to the doctor for Bronchitis, due to a cold.  We went and got our whooping cough shots at the doctor's office, so we can hold my niece after she is born.

I got some packages this week and Daisy has sure enjoyed the box.

Dad and I went and saw the movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.  It was great.  So intense!

Dad moved into his new tax office in Kaysville. He is renting from my cousin, Will, who owns the building.

We had a feast for the super bowl on Groundhog Day.  I made nachos and magic cookie bars.  Dad cooked a turkey and we had sandwiches.

Sara had her baby shower on February 8th.  Since it was in California, we were unable to attend.  Mom and Dad bought them a Ergo baby Cloth Baby Carrier as a present.

Dad had to plan a high priest social.  Mom made Mom's chicken noodle soup and I made vegetable beef soup.  We also made Broccoli Cheese soup in the crock pot.  We also had to go to Dollar tree and get valentine centerpieces.

Mom and I went grocery shopping at Smith's.  As we had pulled out and had the car in forward, some guy back into us and swide swiped our car.

Friday was Valentine's Day.   I got Mom a Disney ornament and a red and white table runner.  Mom got me an Itunes Giftcard and Mom got Dad a gift card to Olive Garden.