Sunday, June 26, 2016

Island Park

On Monday, we drove up to Island Park, Idaho.  We stayed at the Valley View RV Park.  We ate dinner at The Gusher. We went and saw the musical, Singin' in the Rain at the Playmill theatre.

On Tuesday, we drove to West Yellowstone and walked through all the shops.  We enjoyed the sunset over Henry's Lake.

On Wednesday, we drove the lower loop of Yellowstone, stopping at Canyon Village, Yellowstone Lake, and Fishing Bridge.  We had lunch at the general store in Fishing Bridge.  We saw bison and elk.  We cooked dinner for my uncle Don and aunt Viv in our trailer.

On Thursday,  Dad went fishing with the guys.  We went and saw the musical spoof of the movie, Three Amigos at the Mack's Inn theatre.  For dinner, we had prime rib, baked potato, beans, corn, roll, salad, and a ice cream sandwich.

On Friday,  we drove to the Canyons in Yellowstone.  We saw elk, bison, and a coyote.  We stopped at Canyon Village and went through the museum and saw a nature film about Yellowstone.   We drove on the windy road to the Virginia Cascades. We stopped at Artist's Point and heard the ranger talk.  We ate lunch in the cafeteria at Canyon Village.  We stopped at Norris and walked through the museum and down to the geysers.  There were several hats that had blown off into the geysers.  We stopped in West Yellowstone and got ice cream at Two Scoops.  We ate dinner and played games at Don's cabin.

On Saturday, we drove home.  We watched the fireworks for Syracuse Heritage Days.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Memorial Day

On Monday, May 23rd, my nephew was born.  They named him Coen Archibald.  We sent them a care package of toys, gift cards, and clothes for both kids.

We had a hail storm.

We went and visited my grandparents' graves and put flowers on them over Memorial Day Weekend.

I decorated my candles with seashells for June.

Mom and I went and saw the movie, Finding Dory.  It was so cute!

Sunday was Father's Day and I got my dad a gift card to Texas Roadhouse and made him snickerdoodles as a treat.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Las Vegas

I bought this flower garland at Tai Pan Trading and hung it from the railing for May.

We had a wind storm that took most of our blossoms from our trees.  

I decorated the trees in our house with orange flowers for May.

Sunday was Mother's Day. I bought this turtle wall art for my mom in Hawaii and gave it to her as a gift today.  She hung it above the TV in her bedroom.  I also made her a Heath Bar Chocolate cake.

Mom had to go have an M.R.I. of her spine.   She has no lesions on her spine.

We went to the Chalk Art Festival in Bountiful.   One of my college friends, Ariel, had a piece in the show, the one below with the bear.

Dad and I went and saw the movie, Captain America: Civil War.

Monday was my brother's birthday.  I got him gift cards to Cold Stone Creamery and Chick-Fil-A.  We drove to Vegas and stayed at the Oasis RV Park.  We ate dinner at Dickey's BBQ.

On Tuesday,  we went to the south premium outlets mall.  We went to Circus Circus to buy show tickets.  We went to Town square mall and ate dinner at Popeye's.

On Wednesday,  we parked at the Paris Hotel.  We walked around the Grand Bazaar shops at Bally's. We got some kettle corn at I Love Popcorn.  We walked over to Bellagio, but the gardens were closed.  We walked around the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood and ate lunch at Pink's Hot Dogs.  I had the Brooklyn Pastrami with Swiss cheese.  We went and saw the musical, Jersey Boys, at the Paris Hotel.

On Thursday,  we went to the Fashion Show mall.  We parked at the Linq and walked over to the Venetian.  We ate lunch in their food court.  We had a fruit tart from the Paris Baguette.  We walked around the Palazzo.  We ate dinner at Project Pie in the MGM.  We walked around the Forum shops at Caesar's Palace.  

On Friday,  we went to the Silverton hotel to see the Sister Wive's jewelry line.  We went to Kohl's and Target.  We ate lunch at Firehouse Subs.  We went to the Boulevard mall.  We ate dinner at the Claim Jumper.  

On Saturday, we drove home.